• Lic. # 762039
  • Mon – Fri: 8:00 – 17:00
  • 800-979-ROOF
  • info@dbrroofing.com
  • Yearly Maintenance Form

    Click here to download pdf version of below form
    • Description Of Eligible Services:

      • 1. Complete Roof Inspection.
      • 2. Tune up and service entire roof:
        • A. Seal and paint all vents and flashings.
        • B. Check roof for any visual defetcts; seal seams as needed.
        • C. Replace Broken tile (if applicable).
        • D. Replace missing shingles (if applicable).
        • E. Clean rain gutters & donwsputs (seal as needed).
        • F. Clean all valleys.
      • 3. Clean up and haul away all roofing debris.
      • 4. Contractor will furnish all labor and materials to construct and complete in a good workmanship manner.


      Residential: $425

      Commercial $850 & Up (Depending on structure size & condition)

      Bi Yearly: $650 (residential maintenance service twice a year pre-winter and pre-summer)



    • Please Note: Our office will notify you one day before the maintenance will be performed. You do NOT need to be home for this service (the team will not be going inside) just make sure they have roof access. Please make sure any gates are unlocked and dogs are kept inside.